Authors: Paula M. Mikkelsen, Associate Director for Science, PRI
Robin Henne, Publications Assistant, PRI
with assistance from Kelly Spillane and Rachel Kulick
Illustrators: Marla Coppolino, Lisa Kanellos, Steve Thurston, Al Burkhardt, and Paula M. Mikkelsen
Designers: Robin Henne and Brian Gollands, Web Designer, PRI
Reviewers: Don Duggan-Haas, Richard Kissel, Laura Komor, and members of the BivAToL Advisory Panel

The Teacher-Friendly Guide™ to Evolution Using Bivalves as a Model Organism is based on the successful Teacher-Friendly Guide™ to Geology series developed at PRI during the late 1990s and continuing to the present. The original vision for these Guides was conceived by Robert M. Ross and Warren D. Allmon. 

The Teacher-Friendly Guide™ to Evolution Using Bivalves as a Model Organism was conceived and produced as an outreach product of the Bivalve Tree of Life Project (“BivAToL”), a five-year collaborative research project funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation to Rüdiger Bieler (Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, DEB-0732854), Gonzalo Giribet (Harvard University, DEB-0732903), and Paula M. Mikkelsen (PRI, DEB-0732860). Additional thanks are due to:

  • Professor Richard Fox, Lander University, for use of his bivalve dissection guides
  • Ursula Smith, Cornell University, for phylogeny activity
  • Deirdre Gonzalves-Jackson, Virginia Wesleyan College, for laboratory activities
  • David J. Heath, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, for the freshwater mussel life-cycle diagram 
  • Daniel Graf, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and Cory Pittman and Pauline Fiene, Seaslugs of Hawaii for original photographs
  • Rüdiger Bieler, Gonzalo Giribet, and the other participants of BivAToL for content and images
  • Paleontological Research Institution for administrative support